Hello WordPress!

Hooooly crap I hate how long it has been since I last wrote an entry here. This site has been a huge part of my life for years, and I wanted to keep blogging about my maritime and non-maritime life but the main problem for me was that Google stopped properly supporting Blogger (its blog-creating branch) years ago, so whereas I used to use the (now defunct) dedicated Blogger app to update often from my phone, the last time I tried to use a third-party app to publish a post here, the app started arbitrarily deleting old posts (and I just about had a heart attack, and scoured the web for tips or tricks to restore the posts – which I had not saved anywhere else). After that snafu, my hands felt a bit tied and even though I think every day of things I want to say here, I haven’t had the time to sit down and publish them.

In years past, I’ve talked to friends out there who also write about their maritime lives and who have migrated their pages away from Blogger for similar reasons. In some ways, blogger was a lot of unnecessary extra work (in the desktop version, you had to draft entries in html to get them to publish right!) I kinda miss the familiar format of my old site, but it’s nice to give it a fresh new look and it feels good to change things up. I figured I’d give WordPress a crack and I’m excited to just have more flexibility again in my little blog world.

I have also devoted most of my free time over the last couple years to my pet project, my life blood, my brain child – Sea Sisters – which is now a nonprofit thanks to the help of many lovely friends who donated the seed money needed to pay all the fees associated with launching a nonprofit business. So that’s awesome. I’ll write more about the last year in a future post, but for now, I’m just checking back in after a long, weird year of holding my breath and standing still. It’s spring in Northern California, WIML is tomorrow, and Jake is coming down to visit this weekend (since I’m staying here to go to the conference). Life is good, and I’m breathing and moving freely again for the first time in a while.

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