Monday Motivation: Music

Yesterday evening I went walking with my crew to North Beach to get some dinner. Later I was picking up my favorite foods to finish out the shift and I heard Bruce Springsteen’s voice drifting from the ceiling as I perused the grocery store aisles: “you can’t start a fire, worrying ’bout your little world falling apart”. Not an hour earlier I’d had a disheartening conversation with someone about an issue I care about, and her advice was to choose my battles. Thinking about it, some battles really are worth choosing. The lyrics of the song reminded me for a second that you can’t be afraid to make noise just because you’d rather not challenge the status quo. Sometimes you have to think outside yourself, and act for a greater cause. I’ll write more about this another time but for now I was just happy to draw a little light from those words. 

Music has always bolstered me when I needed energy and inspiration. Sometimes when I’m performing the most menial tasks like scrubbing the boat or brushing my teeth, I’ll be listening to a song that really pumps me up and I get jolts of excitement thinking about how much I love where I’m at in life these days, and how bright the future is. I was getting ready for bed last night and listening to this song by Justice; I was practically jumping out of my skin thinking about the opportunities that lie not too far ahead. Sometimes when I do this it takes a while to fall asleep once I hop in bed, I’m so fired up. I have to pace myself because I can’t stay on that high; it drops back down and I’m left looking at all the things I’ve got left to do before I get to where I want to go. 

But that glow is still there – it’s nice to know I can get motivated to stay focused when I need to, and music helps me with that in so many ways. Whatever it is that motivates you, use it. There’s plenty of strength that we can find within ourselves, but every once in a while it helps to draw energy from positive sources. 

One thought on “Monday Motivation: Music

  1. I know that awesome feeling! I get it when I'm exhausted and underway in the early morning, or 2/3 of the way through an evening run. The music really puts that moment over the top and I start fantasizing about all the stuff I'm gonna do. But I also know myself well enough to keep quiet about these new plans for at least an hour – and like clockwork – I come back to Earth. For contrast, did you have a moment when you quit doing something, came to a new place (career, job, living situation, romantic partner) and look back at your life that was a few week ago and think: wow, that's what it felt like to be on the wrong path. And right now, I'm on the right path. Everything starts falling into place. Things that were an outside possibility just poof into existence. I think I remember a different post of yours that described that transitional time too. When you came to SF Bay from Alaska.


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