Kickin’ it hot

[When you mess up someone’s paint job and you rush to fix said paint job without donning gloves so now you’re getting gooey white epoxy paint all over everything.]

Then when I take my respirator off for whatever reason, I can fully smell this noxious two-part paint we use on outdoor surfaces. The fumes from the paint smell weirdly familiar but I can’t place it. 

Suddenly I recognize it: the intertuf 262 red primer we use on the deck smells like lilacs; the white paint smells like gardenias. I don’t understand at all why these fumous paints smell like flowers. I mention it to my shipmates and the captain says “I think you’re just high on paint”. I get a good laugh out of that. 

(Note: tea tree oil took it right off) (also note: I’m not actually high on paint, I promise) 

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