Ain’t Got Far To Go

Word spread like wildfire without my help, but I’ll say it here: I left Crowley and landed a job in San Francisco Bay. It was tough to leave a place and group of people that I love, but it was time to move forward. I left my comfort zone in Seattle and returned to my hometown to stay with mom and work as a deck hand – the only way to get my foot in the door anywhere in the Bay – and have been met with all the strange shadows and specters of a life I used to live here; a life that no longer exists. This has been quite the shock, but every time I set foot on the boat I know I’ve made the right choice. I ride my motorcycle to Benicia to crew up and the smell of the fennel growing along the shores of San Pablo Bay in the heat of late summer transports me into something new, something incredible. This has been such a long time coming; this has been the goal for at least seven years. But it doesn’t stop here. This is where everything starts now.

Ain’t Got Far To Go

Jess Glynne

‘Cause I spent forever waiting

And it’s no longer a dream

And now I’ve landed on my feet

And I ain’t got far to go

One thought on “Ain’t Got Far To Go

  1. It must be a powerful experience. Somtimes I imagine what that would be like for myself, but it's probably unlikely for a few years. I seem to be solidly stuck in the Seattle area, and liking it pretty well. Good luck with reestablishing there!


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