A few days before I left home, I was at REI buying a backpacking pack for a trip I’ll be taking later this summer, and I happened to run into a good friend of mine. Not only did she have some solid advice on backpacks (she and her wife hiked the PCT a couple years ago) she also told me some exciting news: she recently rewrote the Leadership Management Skills course for her pals at Compass Courses, the woman-owned maritime school in Edmonds, WA.

Compass Courses is a fabulous and cozy little school right by the Edmonds waterfront. They have a few well-appointed classrooms, enjoyable amenities, and there’s a good chance you’ll be greeted by Julie’s two dogs upon arrival. You can take a walk down to the sound to grab lunch on your break. It’s about thirty minutes north of Seattle and the Edmonds-Kingston ferry terminal is close by as well.

They have many courses available but the LMS course has been revamped and refreshed, and they are excited to try it out on new students! If you need to take the Leadership Management Skills course for your license, consider checking them out at www.compasscourses.com.

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