We Give Ourselves Permission

I posted something on instagram yesterday; I posted it only there because that’s the medium in which I feel safest to speak my mind. But I have re-read my words over and over again, and every time it lights a flame in my heart. I think it’s important enough to repeat it here. I want to preface my words by saying I’m a feminist (obviously), but being a feminist doesn’t mean I’m against men. Men are half the world; they are my father, my brothers, my wonderful partner, my mentors, and some of my best friends.

Identifying as a feminist means I’m in favor of my own freedom to be a woman in every sense of the word without being told to censor myself, without being told I’m too loud/too aggressive/too tall/too whatever. And if I want to form a girl gang, I’ll form a damn girl gang.

This is what I want to say:

Last month when I launched my website (www.seasisters.org), one of my coworkers tried to call me out because it was a women-only group, which he saw as lacking in diversity or equality.

I had to remind him that the maritime industry is roughly 2% female, which would make the remaining 98% male. The maritime industry is de facto men-only, and has been for hundreds of years. My little corner of the internet is a tiny step toward bringing more women into the maritime industry, toward a little equality. If there were a hundred women-only sites with a hundred contributors each, we would still be making what feels like no difference. And in a world where the internet is an increasingly hostile place for women, in an industry that has been – until only recently – unfriendly toward women, this site is a safe place for us to explore, unassailed by people who think they should be welcome to everything. We give ourselves permission to be here without your approval. If you don’t like it, you are welcome to kiss. my. ass.

That being said, we have a new contributor, an updated links page, and more content on the way! Read it here. Xoxo


10 thoughts on “We Give Ourselves Permission

  1. Hey congrats for standing up for your beliefs. People always fear change, especially in the maritime industry with all the old timers and their preconceived notions. I'm a man and a feminist as well. How could you look your daughter/spouse/women in general in the eye while telling them anything is possible and say otherwise.


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