Yesterday was the day I drank 2 cups of coffee on my afternoon watch and decorated a cake for our second mate who got his line boat level 2 qualifications a couple weeks ago (meaning he can now run ship lines unsupervised). Once the cook had put it together and smeared it with cotton-candy-pink frosting, I walked into the galley to ask him something and he said “ok, what the hell are we writing on this thing?” I nearly threw myself at the powdered sugar and food coloring and was trembling with caffeine jitters and giggling uncontrollably as I created this absurd wonder. The cake is late but we’ve been meaning to make him one ever since he finished his line boat sign-offs. It wasn’t a huge deal but he was joking at the time about how he wanted to celebrate, and it took us a while to figure out how. He’s a young, recent CMA grad and we’ve been giving him endless grief for pretty much anything we can think of but he’s been a great sport about it.

Only one week left to go in this hitch and it can’t end soon enough because clearly I’m starting to crack up.

2 thoughts on “Cake.

  1. hey girl! on an ocean tug the standard crew is 6 – captain, chief mate, second mate, chief engineer, able bodied seaman, and cook. Larger tugs may have several more crew, and many harbor tugs will have 4 crew members, or even as few as 2 (an operator and a deck hand) for day work, as they don't have to go far or maintain a large boat.


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