Daphne and Daffodils

I’m back at work and so happy to be here. Getting fit for duty again after an injury that keeps you from going back to work is always going to be a headache, and this was reinforced as I jumped through hoop after hoop to get paperwork moving between my doctor and my employer, not to mention the process of securing a letter of discharge from physical therapy. After I convinced my trainer that I was well enough to perform all the tasks my job might require of me, I had to go through the same thing for my company at a clinic in Seattle where you go in and don an immersion suit, climb a ladder, lift this or that much weight and walk around with it etc. Ending this case doesn’t mean I’ll stop anytime soon, or at all; indeed, PT will be a lifelong pursuit, as will be eating real food instead of junk. I used to eat whatever sweets came my way and then hit the road or hop on the treadmill to run it off, essentially punishing myself for eating at all. Improved health was never gained from this, none of that tugboat weight was lost; instead injuries were amassed in spades. This is no longer my way of going about pursuing better health and this fact has truly changed multiple facets of my life.

The days in Prince William Sound are slowly getting longer. I missed the darkest depth of winter in December and January in Alaska, where on the shortest days of the year you might see about 5 hours of daylight, and less than an hour of direct sunlight if you’re actually in Port Valdez where the rim of the surrounding mountains eliminates the horizon altogether. Effectively my entire winter was spent instead in Seattle where they’ve seen record rainfall, great news for the metropolitan area and beyond; lake and river levels will be high and hopefully there will be fewer wildfires this summer. I’m also elated at the apparent end of the devastating drought in California. Here’s to hoping for a decade of lovely rainy and snowy winters in my home state.

From California to Oregon to Washington, spring has definitely arrived to the west coast. I have a hard time picking my favorite season, but it may be a tie between autumn and spring. There are few things as sweet as the smell of the grass that grows on the rolling hills of Northern California, dotted with oak trees and accompanied by the camellias, daphne and tulips fed by the rain and rich soil and nurtured by the temperate climate. Washington is a few weeks behind in the season but you can smell it in the air. Even in Valdez, where the mountains are glowing the purest white and the ground is covered in solid ice, each day seems more determined to return once again to the state of the midnight sun.

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