The call came yesterday morning. I was on the Stalwart, waiting for an inbound tanker and getting ready to do my last ship line job before switching over to the Tan’erliq on crew change day – the port captain called the boat and I was summoned to the wheelhouse to take the call. I don’t even remember what he said; something like we’ve completed processing paperwork for the new chief mate position, and you’ve been awarded it! I almost fell down. The captain was five feet away from me so I had to hold my breath to keep from squealing like a teenager but I allowed for a couple ecstatic hop-skips before calmly replying into the phone an appropriate “wow! That’s fantastic, thank you!” And then I got back to my day, heart light and brain struggling to focus on the moment at hand. I wrote an email to the office asking for confirmation, because I was convinced I hadn’t heard correctly. But it’s been confirmed; I’ve been promoted to chief mate. It’ll be a few days before I know what boat I’ll go to next, but until then I’m happily settled in as second mate on the mighty Tan’erliq (that’s pronounced Ten-AR-lik, in case you’ve wondered) and I love the people I work with, so I’m in no hurry and looking forward to whatever happens next. 

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