The heat

I literally slept on the deck last night. After we got to the dock and shut everything down, I layered some old raggedy blankets outside on the deck just forward of the wheelhouse and cuddled up on my pillow with the most delicious breeze washing over me. What I wouldn’t give to be at home under the icy early-summer water of Lake Tahoe today!

Unfortunately, the fact that the AC is out doesn’t just affect our comfort; the compressor on the freezer down in the forepeak is starting to give out. It’s so hot down there and there is so little ventilation that the compressors on the refrigerators can’t handle it and they overheat. So goodness knows what else will need fixing before we get out of here. But I’ll say nothing more – we’re getting paid by the day so as long as it takes to get fixed up is fine by me. 

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