Conked Out

The AC broke down in a cloud of freon two days ago and it’s about 90 degrees in my room right now. Guess that’s what happens when you live in a steel box powered by two locomotive engines floating on the southwest North Atlantic where it is 85 degrees and 100% humidity twenty-four hours a day. Finally, we’re off the coast of Puerto Rico and I’m trying to nap before we go into Bahia de San Juan at midnight tonight. The only way to sleep is with a fan blasting slightly-less-hot air straight at me and the door wide open. They’ll get the air conditioning fixed tomorrow morning (at least I hope so – I swear I’ll never complain again about the boat being too cold) otherwise it’ll be another brutal week of just sitting around pouring sweat. It’s so hot I don’t even feel like eating; all I can do is hydrate. At this point the best place to be inside the boat is the wheelhouse with both doors open and the trades blowing cool air through. Papers and charts go flying but really, who cares. Anything for a little relief. 

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