It’s not my typical way to rant on this blog as I did in my last post – sorry, back to work. Things haven’t been bad out here, we’ve had lots of sunshine (I’ve found that the best weather in the caribe happens in the winter, unsurprisingly) and huge fish!

We’re on our third boat in three weeks. When we switched boats a week ago in PR, I forgot my personal coffee stash on the Defender and had to drink folgers for two nights before I gave up. I made a run to the store in Jax yesterday and I just had a cup of real coffee for the first time in a week, it’s like straight-up crack in all the best possible ways. Wide awake here. 
We’re on the Patriarch now; this boat has been in the yard for over a month, so everything is covered in a layer of grime and I’ve got six weeks’ worth of chart corrections to do. I will get off the boat when we get to San Juan and fly home to take celestial (again) and do license prep for my 1600 ton master. Bring it on!

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