Discovery Day

Today, November 19th, is Discovery Day in Puerto Rico; as the name suggests, it celebrates the discovery of the island by European explorers. People were off work and partying all over San Juan today. I went with my friend and deck hand JC, who is Puerto Rican, into town for a grocery run, a trip to the beach and some awesome lunch. I had mofongo relleno with churrasco (plantains and skirt steak swimming in all sorts of wonderful sauces) and I don’t think I’ll need to eat anything for at least the next 12 hours. 

I also had more time today to enjoy the street art of Santurce – they have a festival every year where talented graffiti artists paint fantastic murals onto the sides of some of the rather sad-looking buildings around this neighborhood.  

The trip down here was ok – a little rough. At one point I got a glimpse of Cuba through the fog. It didn’t even seem like a real place – trying to remember what I saw, I almost wonder if I imagined it. There was a noticeable absence of small boats in or near the Old Bahama Channel (it is illegal for most people to own a boat in Cuba, for reasons you can well imagine) and aside from the crowds of big ships jostling us in the limited space we had between the shore and Great Bahama Bank, it was a lonely, foggy week. 

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