OBC (yeah you know me)

At this moment (2 am) we are two miles off Port Everglades, sailing south close to the coast in crappy weather, avoiding the Gulf Stream for as long as possible. With a mean northeaster blowing and the Stream moving at about 3 knots in the exact opposite direction as the wind and seas, trying to cross the axis on a night like this would be suicide. But the winds are abating, coming down from 30 knots to about 18, and once we get past Miami we will turn toward Cuba, cross the stream, and make for the Old Bahama Channel. We’re taking the OBC to San Juan to avoid getting our ass beat northeast of the banks, the route we usually take. We’ll transit close to Cuba and the Dominican Republic and I’ll have something to look at, instead of the flat-as-a-pancake Bahamas!

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