Under the Hart Bridge

I’m alone in the wheelhouse and we’re just standing by our barge, waiting for repairs to be done. About a week ago, this barge broke away from the dock in high winds and sustained some heavy damage, and they’ve been working to patch things up ever since. We normally would have left 48 hours ago; we’ll probably head out this morning, but there is no saying what might happen next. 

When we got here on Wednesday night, I flew in at ten pm and they had us crewing up at midnight. I couldn’t imagine standing the mid-to-six watch after traveling all day, and as it was the mate sent me to bed anyway. But nobody had been on the boat when we got here, so they were on shore power and the air conditioning hadn’t been running; it must have been about 95 degrees inside this boat. It felt much cooler outside in the sweaty Florida summer night, and I would have opted to sleep outside on deck had not the engineer fired up the generator and the AC (also, it had started to rain). What a mess.

Anyway, I’m feeling better about being here than I have in a long time. I don’t know what changed; maybe my time at home was so well spent having fun with my favorite people, or perhaps it’s because I’m getting closer to the end of the year (read: license upgrade). My financials are pretty good, life is getting more organized, and it sounds like we’re going to Philadelphia after PR so that’s another welcome change of scenery. I complain a lot about Philly but I admit it really is a beautiful city, especially downtown. It will be different from the last time I was there in the spring, when we still had a frost now and then. 

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