The More You Eat, The More You Make

The standard response to this little anecdote is “the more you sleep, the less you’re here”. I heard both phrases on my first day as a deck hand and they struck me as funny and so true. The food on the boat is technically a part of our pay, so eat up! The more we eat, the more we make! Might explain so many portly sailors in the industry… 

I’m in my room, off watch as we leave San Juan. I went into town today with the deck hands for a trip to the mall (Plaza de las Americas, massive and mobbed with teenagers enjoying a few more days of no school) and we should be off the boat and nearly home a week from now. 
I’m now the permanent second mate with this crew and I’m very happy because it’s a great group. When we were crewed off for a day in Jacksonville a week ago we went out to the beach for some pool and beers and a little walk in the sand. Getting a break in between trips is such a luxury. 

And when we left Jax and went down the Florida coast, a group of dolphins enjoyed our bow wake for several hours on the first day out and I just propped myself up on the bullnose staring at them, taking pictures and video and forgetting I was at work. 

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