And now back to work. I’m sorry to have left off writing for more than two weeks after weighing the blog down with such an involved post about romance and the like. The last three weeks started with Russian Easter in San Francisco; I got off the boat in Philadelphia at noon on Saturday the 4th, flew into SFO at 9 pm, went to church all night and partied all day. The city was exceptionally alluring that weekend, so much so that I went home to Napa and sulked for several days afterward, wondering why life can’t be that fabulous all the time. 

But over the next few days I got to spend time with my best friend at the NEW HOUSE that she just bought with her boyfriend, down the road from where we went to middle school in 1997. Time spent with mom and one of my brothers (the other is in Navy training!) also made the week better. My time in the Bay Area was capped off with a day as the “captain” of my family friends’ small yacht, as they entertained a group of fashion professionals on a business lunch to Sausalito. I could get used to yachting!

That night I flew to Seattle and spent the next two weeks with Jake and friends. I could hardly fathom having three weeks off, but I feel amazing! The highlight of this trip home was a weekend drive down the coast which included a visit to the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria, and from there to Cannon Beach. 

I left Seattle yesterday morning and flew through Atlanta on my way to Jacksonville – which is a lot hotter than it was in February! I also made the leap and am now working as a full second mate. 

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