At least there is cell phone service

We have arrived at the Delaware river and we are on our way up to Philadelphia. I’m trying to sleep, but I doubt sleep will happen before I get back up at midnight.

Before we arrived at the sea buoy at noon today, our auxiliary generator caught fire. We put the second one on line and the engineer worked to repair the damage but he was not able to replace the electrical components that had been destroyed by the flames. We are going to need an electrician when we get to the dock.

In the meantime, we have the tug Cape Henry tied up next to us, escorting us all the way up the river because without a fully functioning second generator online, we are technically a deficient vessel, therefore we need an escort. It kind of looks like we are arm-in-arm with the Cape Henry and we must be sucking her prop wash right into our wheels because the cavitation is terrific. Lying here in my bed with my head on the pillow, the vibration is making my eardrums tickle. Which is why I think sleep will be out of the question this evening.

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