Playing for Keeps

Home again in Napa California, and I’ve decided (more or less) that I’m here to stay. After a happy new year in the San Juans, I flew (didn’t have to drive! yeah!) home in time for Russian Christmas at the beautiful cathedral at Geary and 26th in San Francisco. When I was there, I realized I hadn’t been among the Russian community in SF since last August! I’d been working and traveling almost without pause.

That was January 7th, and since then I’ve been staying at home, unpacking my car ( since I didn’t get the chance in December) – allegedly for the last time – and sorting through possessions that really need to be given away. This house is small and reminds me that I don’t need even half the things I have. It’s been cold lately, but I think of Alaska and know it could be colder. When I got up this morning I could see my breath in the kitchen, but in my sweats and wool socks with my oatmeal and tea, I didn’t mind. I kind of enjoyed it. Someone left the gas stove on until 4 am a few nights ago and so I’m burning as little as possible until we make up for it.

In my free time I’ve gone on drives around the Bay, visiting friends and former coworkers and working on getting to know my favorite waterfront community once again. The truth is, I want to work here. If they called me to go north again I might go but we’ll just have to see what I find. Those long trips were not always kind to me, much as I loved them in a twisted little way. I’m committed to being open with Foss about my plans, because my experience there has been a good one and I’ve worked with so many great guys. I’d like anyone who reads this to understand that my intention is to be honest and tell an interesting story without offending and without spilling all my secrets. Nothing is for sure yet but I’ve found that in the maritime world, even if you move on, you never really leave.

It didn’t occur to me until a couple days ago that I passed a landmark on the 14th of this month: January 14, 2010 was the day that I first worked on an oceangoing tug (or any boat, as paid crew) and around the time I started this blog. Cheers! Here’s to continuing the story for many years to come! And thanks for reading!

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