Writing Heals

Now I’m looking back a couple days and laughing. I was such a wreck, but after taking all my sadness and putting it outside of myself, I feel completely transformed. This is what writing does for me. And since I forgot my computer – my accustomed method of recording my thoughts, at home (I left in such a hurry, I couldn’t even find it in the mess that my car has become, the place where I keep most everything I own) I will just blog here from my phone.

We are leaving our anchorage at Port Angeles and starting south for San Francisco in a matter of a few hours and I’m looking forward to moving on again. Here we are losing time under a typical cold, grey Pacific Northwest sky. We just might sail through that Golden Gate on Christmas morning and I sure hope the sun is shining when we do.

2 thoughts on “Writing Heals

  1. md – I am so glad you found my blog! didn't know there were sources out there other than my own, very interesting. the PMI experience was a good one and a transformative one to be sure. thanks for commenting.E


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