Monday, November 07, 2011

We made landfall at Cape Spencer this morning and now we’re in Chatham Strait. We had some excitement this evening – a log got sucked into the port wheel and forced us to shut down the engine. The noise it made was horrendous – it sounded like we were hitting the rocks. There seems to be something stuck in the kort nozzle so we’ll need a diver when we get to Ketchikan. It might take us a while to get there on just one engine.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

On our way down here the Justine met us in Sumner Strait and took our barge from us and towed it to Rupert so we wouldn’t have to worry about a tow as we came into the shipyard. We got into Ketchikan early yesterday morning and a dive boat came alongside around 0900. The diver went below to inspect our fouled propeller and what should he find down there? Nothing less than a 20×2 ft log stuck in the Kort nozzle, between a strut and a prop blade. I didn’t realize how big it was until part of it was cut away and floated to the surface – that thing was a full-on tree! I can’t believe that we came away with no damage to the boat whatsoever. The log was a sinker too – we hit it at night but even in daylight we wouldn’t have been able to see it as it would have been floating right below the surface.

The dive crew gave us a dvd of the diver cutting away the log with a hydraulic chainsaw and here are some screen shots from that video:

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