Out for the summer

Tuesday was the last day of classes, wrapping up “shore phase” number 2. This class phase consisted of terrestrial & coastal navigation, basic cargo handling and stowage, radar observer, lifeboatman, search & rescue/emergency procedures, and far more beer than any human being should consume in the span of seven weeks. There was no break between work and school either; I got off the boat from my last trip on Sunday, June 13th, and started TCNav literally the next day. In and out of class, I have bonded with my classmates, each of whom lends terrific character to the group as a whole. I love spending time with them.

Lake Union

I have to admit that between studies and enthusiastic revelry on the beautiful streets of summertime Seattle, I ran myself ragged. Since wrapping up classes with a series of excercises in the simulator last Monday and Tuesday, I have been doing literally as little as possible – reading, painting, staying at my friend’s house just outside of Seattle and hanging out with his awesome cat –

meet “Grover”

and the break has enabled me to recover physically and mentally from the rigors of academic study and weekly testing. I have plans to visit my family in California soon, before going back to work; additionally, my mother is coming to Seattle for a visit tomorrow. It’s been since mid-may since I’ve seen any of my family.

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