Channel Fever

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am in the wheelhouse, and we are in Estevan Sound, about 3 or 4 days from Seattle. Although a breeze has raised waves on the water, it was flat calm when I came up here about ten minutes ago and stood at the window looking out to the southeast. On either side of the channel is a rocky shore with dense woods immediately beyond, and just to the south is a pair of pronounced peaks, the green and black of trees and crags golden in sunset. The sea was placid and the sunlight was bright and hazy, adding to the sparkle of the water. At that moment I wished that I could live in a home that would always look out over this exact scene; then the thought came to me that this boat is my home, at least for the moment (I am more or less homeless – my only permanent address being a PO Box in Napa which I share with my mother and brothers). I was humbled to realize that this view is mine because I work and live on this boat; of course, it isn’t exactly the little house I imagine when I dream of a garden and a piano and a studio, a dog and a cat and some kids playing in the back yard. But one way of looking at it is that this work is a means to that end, and I get to take in a lot of awesome scenery along the way.

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