First day, second trip

Saturday, January 30, 2010

This is the first day of our second trip to AK. Yesterday we arrived Elliott Bay around 0800 and dropped off our barge at the West Seattle Buoy, then headed over to Pier 90 to change crew members and pick up provisions and supplies. After that we went to the fuel dock at Harbor Island and took on enough diesel for another trip. We didn’t have time to go ashore at all, so I’m still on board without internet access and I can’t check my bank info, email, etc. I did not realize how tough it would be to be so out of touch! I’m going to have to manage things via ship’s email with the help of my mother or something. I just wish I could have gone into Seattle to get a pair of shoes. I cannot believe that considering all the things I packed up to Washington, the only thing I forgot was a pair of plain sneakers to wear on the boat when I’m off watch! All I have is my flip flops and two pairs of boots. I wear my Sorels whenever I’m not in my room or showering, and it is annoying, cumbersome, and hot (not to mention I feel like a freaking idiot).

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